Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction

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During an accident reconstruction analysis, the expert uses the available evidence and scientific principals to establish the events of an accident and ideally determine the pre-accident scenario. Examples include: accident causation; avoidance opportunity; visibility; position and velocities of the vehicles and pedestrians on the roadway; actions of drivers and pedestrians prior to impact; speed-time-distance analysis; and the mechanical integrity of components prior to an impact.

​01. Scene Mapping via 3-D Scanning

  • A 3-D laser scanner is utilized to document the roadway layout, witness marks and vehicle damage profiles.  


02. Heavy Truck ECM Imaging 

  • Many heavy truck engines have an electronic control module (ECM) that may contain accident data.  The ECM data may offer insight into the accident.  

03. Passenger Vehicle EDR Imaging 

  • Numerous passenger vehicles contain event data recorders (EDR) that may contain accident data. The EDR data may be found in the airbag control module (ACM), rollover sensor (ROS) or powertrain control modules (PCM).

04. Vehicle & Component Testing

  • The expert inspects passenger and heavy vehicles for damage and mechanical integrity.  The mechanical inspection is detailed and follows accepted procedures.  The expert can also develop tests for alleged component defects, such as a malfunctioning brake or steering system.  ​